vacuum forming - articles production process of sheet polymeric material, by being shaped matrix under the influence of temperature and vacuum. In the production process of plastic sheet product is heated to a temperature affordable papers Softening and tightly fits the mold surface due to a negative pressure.

modern high-tech equipment is used in serial production of industrial vacuum forming products, performing processes raw material heating and pumping air in the permanent mode, the conveyor.

In almost all of the polymers can be used as raw blanks, having thermoplastic properties (polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, polycarbonate and other).

By vacuum forming plastic products are available for all areas and spheres of activity, including:

for aviation, automotive and shipbuilding industries;

For the production of packaging materials, and containers of all kinds;

To meet the needs of food production, chemical industry, medicine;

For the production of household appliances, instruments and equipment;

For the needs of the construction and design.


Production technology

A feature of the method is vacuum molding to flow the manufacturing process with a low negative pressure. Such processes do not require the presence of powerful equipment, high matrix forms and considerable energy costs. Consequently, the production is considered to be cost-effective, and finished products have a low cost.

Ample opportunities for application of automated manufacturing processes allow to establish a continuous cycle of manufacturing products for various applications. The important role played by the, the finished sheet materials used for molding, It does not require deep processing of raw materials.

Standard vacuum forming method consists of several steps, including:

The fixation of the workpiece on the matrix;

Heating of the polymer sheet;

Preliminary stretching of the sheet;

evacuating air from the matrix and the preform indentation;

cooling material; Removing items from the matrix;

finalize affordable papers product revision.


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