Company «Free Flight Moscow» specializes in the production of composite materials, mostly made of fiberglass. More than ten years, we bring ideas to life and produce a variety of products from fiberglass, meet high quality characteristics, terms of manufacturing standards and requirements.

Why choose us:

Highly qualified staff, having a solid experience. All specialists are true professionals, regularly held training, participating in seminars and exhibitions;
Introduction of innovative technologies. In our work we are constantly updating process, to improve the quality of products from fiberglass;
Multi-level quality control, made of fiberglass products, We can guarantee our customers a high level of quality and long-term operation of these types of products.

What is a modern GRP?

many people think, that fiberglass - it is a brittle material, having questionable properties, in reality it is not the case. Fiberglass for strength is not only to compete with products from wood and concrete, but also compete with different types of products, made of metal. All the matter in its unique composition, namely in the form of a mixture of glass fibers and a thin poly-epoxy or vinyl ester resin, as a bond matrix. The fibers are arranged in an orderly, or a total weight, it directly affects the properties of fiberglass and, respectively, articles thereof.

The main advantages of fiberglass:

Strength. Fiberglass can withstand exposure to high mechanical loads, Besides, it is not subject to corrosive changes, typical of natural materials;

There fiberglass does not support combustion process. These products made of fiberglass can withstand large differences in temperature regimes, which makes it durable and versatile in application;

Low weight finished products. This feature allows you to easily produce designs of any complexity easily transport them to the customer;

Security. fiberglass, certainly, artificial material, however it is made from environmentally friendly components, so it is absolutely safe for humans;

Easy maintenance and does not require special conditions for long term use.

Scope of application of fiberglass

The main area of ​​widespread use of fiberglass is considered to transport. This material is made easy, Lightweight and extremely durable components of vehicles. Great demand for the production of fiberglass boats, pools boats, given the high characteristics of stability to moisture and a variety of chemicals. In industry manufacture of fiberglass items and articles for storing or transporting chemically corrosive environments. The construction and design of fiberglass today one of the most popular materials for the creation of unique interiors, facades and production, original things decor. Impossible without products from fiberglass imagine and development of advertising.

Order composite products in the company «Free Flight Moscow» on favorable terms

Our experts have extensive experience, therefore ready to produce for you of fiberglass products of any complexity and size of individual orders. We produce a wide range of products from fiberglass and are ready to fulfill any personal inquiry and answer all your questions, relating to the production and use of products from fiberglass. For us there is nothing possible, We realize any original idea and guarantee high quality results.