Rotational molding of plastics

Manufacture of affordable papers Plastics are several ways. For manufacturing large-sized plastics most optimal method - rotational molding, or, rotoformovka. Plastic products, manufactured by this method, They have no seam; products obtained equal wall thickness.

rotational molding - method, wherein the material is subjected to pressure. Consequently, finished plastic products, obtained in this manner, They do not have internal stress. The absence of internal stresses ensures high strength. Injection molding machines or estruzionny method usually allow to make products of no more than 250 l, in special cases up to 500 l, while the method of rotational molding is possible to produce plastic products up to 15000 l (and under certain conditions, and more).

rotational molding - process, includes three basic steps. In the first phase a certain amount of the polymeric material placed in the mold. Mold for rotational molding a hollow structure, which is made of steel or aluminum.
On second stage rotoformovochnaya tightly closed form is placed into the heating chamber and is driven in two mutually perpendicular fields. Rotational speed is relatively low. At this point, properly, and rotational molding process occurs. polymer, It is melted under heat, uniformly distributed within the mold on its walls. Manufacture of plastics rotation method requires, that forms the inner surface processed with high precision. The accuracy of the product depends on the quality of treatment.

The third stage - a cooling rotary form with the already molded article. Cooling occurs by cold air or water mist. Rotation forms the third stage continues, tk. it ensures a uniform solidification of the polymer material over the entire surface.

Finished products made of plastic are removed from the rotary mold due to the, that during cooling shrinkage occurs material.
rotational molding method is used in the production of a variety of products. Plastic, water-filled road barriers, road buffers, plastic containers for various purposes, Plastic pools, pontoons - all this and more can be manufactured by rotoformovky.
Important, rotoformovochnoe that production has the highest economic indicators, treating virtually waste-free processes. parts of the products, who reject, recycled, and the thus obtained material is used in the manufacture of new products.

Production of the company «FREE FLIGHT» It is used in many areas of life. For example, road blocks are used for road works and traffic safety, water-filled, mobile road barriers, invests road blocks, buffers separating water-filled, traffic bollards, road signs.

For the construction, we produce plastic construction musorospuski - musorosbrosy construction. In agriculture uses individual plastic huts for growing of calves. Containers made of plastic, for storing water and fuel, who serve in various fields. pontoons, Plastic pools, shower tanks are used in the field of sport, recreation and landscape design.

Molds for rotational molding.

When rotoformovochnom manufacture the steel molds and aluminum molds for rotomoulding. aluminum forms used in the manufacture of more complicated products from plastic. The choice of material for the driven formka, rotoformovky that in the process they are subjected to significant thermal stress when passing multiple cycles of heating to high temperatures and cooling.

Molds for rotational molding is a priority in the manufacture of metal structures. Experience and knowledge in the field of metalworking, possessed by our experts, allow to optimize the production process to form rotoformovky taking into account the customer's individual requirements. Today, our Rotary forms have been used successfully at many Russian enterprises, engaged in the processing of polyethylene. An important point is the possibility of performing control cast, guaranteeing the quality of the product. Our company also engaged in repair of molds for rotational molding

Equipment for rotational molding.

Production of equipment for rotational molding is one of the activities of the company "Rotoprom". Rotoformovochny market in Russia is growing and developing, and, naturally, there are issues of industrial equipment for enterprises rotoformovky. If you need to produce equipment for rotational molding, to produce molds for rotational molding with subsequent serial production products, please contact "Rotoprom". Our experts have the necessary experience and knowledge to meet the challenges, and material-technical base of the enterprise allows to obtain high-quality end product.
"Rotoprom" The company also provides services in the procurement and supply of equipment for the rotational molding from abroad, in the design affordable papers customs documents, as well as its installation and repair service.

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