How to write amazing essays


As a person working with the text for the money and not for the first year, just want to note that rules that just can not be broken, quite a few, and the essays � one more genre; is where to disperse. How to write a good text? There are simple techniques and tips. Drove.

1. A lot read. Magazines, Newspapers and books. Nothing imparts a feeling of the language as quickly as reading. Reading helps expand your vocabulary, learn how to work with syntax, and argue the position. Pay attention to the good old epistolary genre. All the pearls of passionate argument picked the letters N to M.

2. Know your audience and communicate with her on her language. The words “cherish” and “neglect” is not suitable for text addressed to high school students. And so on in the same pattern.

3. Learn how to work with composition. In school we are taught that the work has an introduction, development, climax and denouement. With some reservations it works and journalistic genres. In English-speaking schools and colleges also teach that in the main part (body) should be several thoughts which in turn confirm or dispute the idea, outlines the key text. Between them there is ligament or flight stopovers paragraphs. Before you write the essay, think that this body will be.

4. Explore a topic about which you write as best you can. Under study, I mean two things: information gathering and analysis. Think of what specific idea you are going to broadcast through the essay. Example: essays about Eugene Onegin. Read: Pushkin himself and a couple of critical articles, one of his contemporary, the second is your or just to read Dostoevsky on the same subject, it is a universal text about Onegin, who cleverly throwing everything (and by the way, the perfect essay, although it is actually not at all essay, and speech). Then consider how you to the personality of Onegin feel about yourself, and assemble it all in the song (see 3). Do not forget to specify sources.

5. Be able to dilute the text of “jokes” but does not deviate from the topic. Remember that your “jokes” must be clear to the readers. For example: How old is your guilt?

Believe me, in the first stage, this question is completely irrelevant. Us modest, and the appetite large, so the indication of the year on the bottle are as �small talk� in public transport is nice, but committed no matter. ( Small talk is a small Association that makes the text livelier and clearer. We would have coped without it, but it would be boring.

5. To avoid a cliche. Texts, full sentences, which themselves ask for language, uninteresting. Be aware, eat food, rose a forest of hands, happy as an elephant. It’s all bad around them can and life hack we have come up with Ilf and Petrov: choose the Association of the second level or step on a play on words, it helps to surprise the reader, and that’s what you need. For example: “don’t be a woman who sits and waits for her Prince on the white horse” � the phrase is unfortunate, because after the word “Prince” reader without you know how seconda offer. “Don’t be a woman that cuckoo by the window waiting for the cavalry division of the princes and other noble persons” is still imperfect, because it was invented here and now, but better. The reader understands what you have in mind, and sees so to say, the irony.

6. The kantselyarizmami, archaisms and Internet slang is also better to leave. Because, as the Internets, that’s all, that’s all. The same with Beatles and jegasothy, for example. The Beatles and LiveJournal is nazvana. It’s The Beatles and Live journal.

7. Forever understand that an essay is not writing in a personal journal and not a reason to build the pyramid of epithets. “Velvety and quivering night spread over the city like a runaway milk-like sounds of the saxophone old musician from the transition as quiet and persuasive voice of a charming peasant. N breathed in the smell of this July, still not had time to cool down after a hot and tiring day, standing on the balcony in a silk robe. He wanted adventure, he drew from his pocket his phone and quickly flipped through the contacts to the cherished letters M.” for some reason many think that is exactly what I would have written a collective classic, but no classic so wrote. It’s shit, don’t do so. Essay topics and wonderful that embodies exactly as many words as necessary.

8. Learn to ask the right questions. This is generally true of any text. Experienced essayist this habit is switched on as soon as he opens the laptop. Do not leave the reader in disbelief. Don’t miss logicheskie ligaments. If something is obvious to you specifically, it does not mean that it is clear to the reader. Re-read the draft and ask the text questions, which would be natural for the reader.

9. The mirror tip to the point 1. Write a lot. Write about what you wonder. Treat the essay as a way to organize information that Vladan. Good luck!

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